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Our name is our mantra. Our shirts give people a way to express greater compassion toward human beings and animals. Our passion is creating a heightened awareness of the millions of dogs that became homeless through no fault of their own. Our mission is to educate the public that rescue dogs are not flawed; like humans, sometimes they need a little guidance and understanding. These wonderful creatures need homes where their lives and the lives of their owners can be transformed for the better. We want people to know the extraordinary benefits of adopting a rescue dog including the virtues bestowed upon the planet and the soul. Won’t you join us in our quest? Wear the Change, Live the Love!


The desire to educate about how dogs really end up in rescue situations will resonate in some of our t-shirts, on this site and on our blog. Caryn's experiences writing for a variety of publications and organizations about rescue dogs drew her to create her book, Underdogs; a dance of storytelling and information. 

Tommy the Throwaway Dog © 2010 Laura Marlowe