“We really enjoyed and appreciated having you at our school to share your inspiration and your passion with our students.” Sharon Sweet, Principal, Elizabeth Street Learning Center

Laura Side by Side Elizab

Book readings held for students at Elizabeth Street Learning Center in Los Angeles inspired a variety of insightful, creative, and intelligent questions and comments that were a pleasure to address; samples of these, as well as some photos, are posted here.  A few of the readings were taped by KNX NEWSRADIO and KTLA-5.

Letter to Tommy

“Can I meet Tommy?”

“Why did the policeman take photographs?”

“Why isn’t she going to stay in jail forever?”

“What did the shelter people do for Tommy?”

“Why did the shelter need money for Tommy’s care?”

“I think it’s nice to adopt an animal from a shelter.”

“Why did Tommy’s first owner throw him into the trash?”

“Why didn’t she just give him away or sell him if she didn’t want to take care of him?”

               Letter from Sue Dubow’s 3rd grade class

Tommy the Throwaway Dog © 2010 Laura Marlowe