Introducing my newest book, 


Roo B. Dee and the Lazy Day, for young children

Roo B. Dee, a kangaroo, decides one day to do nothing at all.  Find out what happens when Roo B. Dee chooses to be lazy!

Inspired by kangaroos in the wild and my love of creating educational stories for children, this fictional tale was written to help young people understand the consequences of laziness and appreciate the importance and fun of reading. 

Roo B. Dee and the book's colorful cartoon-style illustrations delight and motivate students, teachers and parents.  As a bonus, the book contains a fun facts page and Q&A material.

One morning, Roo B. Dee woke up at her usual time, 
but decided to stay in bed. “I feel so lazy today,” she
said to herself. “I think I will sleep in a bit longer.”

Roo B. Dee cried, “Oh no! I should have closed the
 windows! What a mess, and it‛s all my fault for being
so lazy!” She quickly closed each window.

Tommy the Throwaway Dog © 2010 Laura Marlowe