Tommy & the real people behind the story...

This slideshow movie of dear Tommy and many of the people involved in the story is included on the Educational DVD. 

Dr. Randla:  The “kind veterinarian” who was responsible for helping Tommy, taking away his pain, and saving his life.

Jackie and Kim:  The “kind shelter people,” Jackie and Kim founded Hope Animal Rescues, the rescue and foster facility where Tommy spent two months recuperating.

Jeff Bernthal:  Fox2 KTVI/KPLR news reporter who covered the original Tommy news story, and created a follow-up news story after he received a copy of the book.

Chief Jones: The Cahokia, Illinois police chief whose department chose to give Tommy a second chance.

Tommy’s new family:  The “special family” who cared enough to give Tommy a new home, where he lives today so very happily.

Tommy the Throwaway Dog © 2010 Laura Marlowe