Tommy's No Throwaway Dog--The Musical  Slideshow Movie

In June 2011, a musical production was created, based on the book, by Elizabeth Street Learning Center in Los Angeles. “Tommy’s No Throwaway Dog” was performed with a cast of over 100.  The production was put together thanks to a large, talented team of Tommy fans and supporters, with direction, music and lyrics by teacher Sue Dubow, which brought the book to life and generated much emotion in the audience, participants, and me.  Proceeds from donations secured at each performance, as well as from the on-site sale of the book, were given to the local animal shelter/humane organization SEAACA in keeping with the spirit of Tommy and the reason the book was created.

The above slideshow movie of Tommy's No Throwaway Dog--The Musical is included on the Educational DVD.

Heartfelt gratitude is hereby expressed to Elizabeth Street Learning Center for the generosity, time, and talent involved, and to those who will choose to recreate and stage the musical.   

Tommy himself would be so very proud.

Tommy the Throwaway Dog © 2010 Laura Marlowe