Tommy the Throwaway Dog

By sulu1 

This review is from: Tommy the Throwaway Dog (Paperback)

This book is beautiful. based on a sad and terrible act by a former owner and how this dog Tommy was given a second chance at life. It is a story of compassion and love by all, beginning with the Trash Collector, the Vets who treated him for free and the wonderful Animal Shelters who give so much of their time and effort. It teaches the children the importance of caring for their pets as well as not standing by without empathy when someone does a terrible thing like Tommy's former owner did. Ms. Marlowe did a beautiful reading for the students of Elizabeth Learning Center part of the Los Angeles Unified School District and was invited back to read to more students. They could not take their eyes and ears off the book. It inspires thinking about the value of pets and enables children to take action to prevent acts like this from happening in their community. It is presented in a very child friendly way with beautiful illustrations by Javier Duarte and told in a way that any child could understand yet even older children, adults and animal lovers will be moved by this inspiring story. Children are in line to buy the book and a copy proudly sits on the shelf at our school library. I won't be surprised if this book gets nominated for a host of awards. I believe this book can transcend any language, culture and any country in the world. To anyone who has owned or who has known someone with a special pet and who can truly appreciate the value of kindness, love and compassion. A perfect holiday, birthday or anytime gift with a beautiful message for all. 

Sue ( Sulu) Dubow Teacher Elizabeth Learning Center 30 years, 3rd grade.. Los Angeles Unified School District

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