Adorable, Brilliant Book!

By Theresa Saldana

This review is from: Tommy the Throwaway Dog (Paperback)

Tommy the Throwaway Dog is the Absolute Best Book for kids, teens + adults to entertain & informs readers on Animal Abuse-and what they can do to help. People of all ages will fall in love with Tommy and root for a dear canine who survives the unthinkable. Based on a near-tragic real-life tale with a happy, beautiful ending, the book deals with a serious, important issue in a positive, loving way. It inspires Real Joy for Tommy + all animals who, thankfully, survive their ordeals. It explains the issue in terms even the very youngest will understand & relate to. The book, lovingly and tenderly written, has heart-warming, vivid illustrations and inspires readers {or children to whom it is read} to value + appreciate all who help animals like Tommy. It belongs in the homes of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and young people. Having several copies to share with visitors of all ages is a wonderful idea. I urge teachers + librarians to order multiple copies to delight + inform youngsters in schools and organizations. Tommy the Throwaway dog is a perfect way to spread the word- Far and Wide- on how Anyone can get involved in helping the all-too-many animal friends around us who are in need of homes, help, and healing. I loved it & ordered copies for my daughter, her friends, adult associates & their children/grandchildren. An animal lover, Ms. Marlowe is spirited & enthusiastic about her story & its canine + human heroes. She's done the world a huge favor in creating her very Special book & is donating profits to Hope Rescues. It makes a perfect gift for all occasions. I can't recommend it highly enough; I LOVE IT. Warmly, Theresa Saldana

Tommy the Throwaway Dog © 2010 Laura Marlowe